Neue Soft - Original Ariva_HDcombo_S014

firmware version: S014
fix: Setup time from DVB-T stream.
fix: DD logo on VFD in stand-by mode
fix: return to stand-by after scheduled recording
add: TnK FastScan channels sorting
add: Via4.0 support
mod: After hard reset (before STB gets proper time from DVB-S or DVB-T stream) diplays time 12:34 instead of 00:00

firmware version: S013
fix: improved smart cards support
add: FastScan function for TnK

firmware version: S012
fix: improved smart cards and CAMs support
mod: channel list engine. Now STB supports ~5000 channels on channel list. All channel lists made on older firmwares does not work on firmware S012. Channel lists prepared on firmware S012 or newer does not work on older firmwares.
mod: updated satellite and transponder list
mod: updated OSD translation
add: French OSD
add: smart card support for scrambled DVB-T

firmware version: S009release2
add: function to remove all channels from channel list
fix: improoved SkyLink HD channels support