Hidden test menu Mvision receivers

According to what geppeto has posted earlier:
Back button OFF, we start the receiver and in the same moment in that the boot appears we type the following sequence with the bellboys of the frontal of the receiver:

1.-Stand by

and we are already inside.........

He/she sometimes costs a little to enter, and we have a certain time to introduce the sequence.
That it happens if we have made it bad?

A) Anything. The stb makes the normal load of the soft. (It doesn't pass anything)

B) it Starts up normal, but it show the message we have loaded a non appropriate soft and the typical EEEEE in the display.... In this case, we stopped the receiver, we turn off/turn on and all ok....

Once we have entered in the test menu... the only way to leave the one is with the option 0 "Load default". it will ask You you to turn off the stb and starting from there he/she makes the normal load again. If the reset without going by the option "0" it always loads you the test menu again.
Trust this will be of help to you.