Fausto EMULATOR - How To (english)


MV Core Team
Fausto Emulator (only for Diablo wireless version)

Whats is ?
Fausto emulator replace the cam emulator function, it's descramble all chanels defined in KEYS.BIN
Work with any Stealth Firmware (tested 176,..,189,..,190,191,192, to last version)

Coding System Suported:
Nagra1 [X]
Nagra2 [X]
Viaccess1 [X]
Viaccess2 [X]
TPSCrypt 1[ ] TPSCrypt 2[X] TPSCrypt 3[X] -> Report to file ABSAT.TXT folder ..\Fausto\EMU\TPS
**Seca1 [X]
**Seca2 [X]
Irdeto 1 [X]
Cryptoworks [X]
Conax [X]
Control Word [X]
*Biss [X]

**Under version stealth189,190,.. AUTO PMT must be set to ON for RAI chanels or it not work
*Biss: no infos receive by the base but function implemented under Fausto Emulator

Material Required:
1.Fausto Editor/Emulator/Logger last version
2.Base with latest firmware on it (TUF 2.4)
3.Diablo Wireless Cam

Cam Settings
1.DEBUG must be ON (ECMs send to base)
2.EMULATOR must be ON
3.Fixed CW set to OFF (DCW not work since 179 when OFF increase speed)
4.AUTO PMT OFF or ON (must be set to ON for RAI chanels or not work)
5.Smartcard message: Show Normal
6.KEYS.BIN: if present on cam only ecm not descrambled by cam emulator send to Fausto Emulator,
if KEYS.BIN deleted on cam all ecms send to Fausto Emulator & decoded
Its possible to mix file (example only biss keys in cam keys file, all the rest under Fausto Keys file -> Descramble all chanels + BISS via the cam)

Original Cards
Worked with Fausto Emulator without any problems
Tested several cards and no problems found
Priority gived first to card then to emu

Emulator Options:
Connect/Disconnect -> connect or disconnect to base, when connected a message appear in log window
Clear Datas -> clear ecms & datas logs
Fixed CW -> same option as cam but working descramble all chanel with correct DCW keys when option ticked
Drag File Support -> KEYS.BIN, V_TPS.DB & TPS.BIN (ONLY ABSAT)

How to
1.Erase KEYS.BIN file on cam
2.Plug USB Cable on Base
3.Run fausto
4.In main menu select option "Tools->Twinbase->Emulator"
5.Load Keys file (KEYS.BIN) or drag file in fausto emulator window
6.Press Connect button, wait until ECMS datas appear in window (max 20 secs)
7.Now Fausto Emulator started & decrypt chanel.
Possible to drag files NEW TPS.BIN and/or V_TPS.DB in Fausto Emulator window (files will be loaded & copied in folder \fausto\emu\tps). TP$ work with all stealth firmware version supported by Fausto Emulator not only the last.

How to get BISS worked & use Fausto Emulator ?
1.Create a KEYS.BIN with only BISS provider on it
2.Prog KEYS.BIN in cam
3.Run Fausto
4.Select Emulator function
5.Clic on Connect
6.Now BISS chanel decrypted by the cam & all the rest by Fausto Emulator
Conclusion: Mixed files, 1 under FE & 1 under Diablo cam worked without any problems

Possible to modify XML file in same time ? YES
1.Move Fausto Emulator window
2.Update keys in editor
3.Save file (XML file saved, new KEYS.BIN created)
4.Reload fresh KEYS.BIN under Fausto Emulator (FE) -> button load file
5.Wait new ECM coming to verify if key working
Keys updated in real time, not need to disconnect the base.

Possible to use same KEYS.BIN on cam & running FE ?
Yes, possible to prog KEYS.BIN too on cam, only ecms not descrambled by cam will be sent to Fausto Emulator

Possible to use FE (=Fausto Emulator) with previous Stealth Firmware ?
Yes, it's possible and you'll get same as latest firmware about decryption

Fausto Emulator work like card base emulation ? Yes
We have tested 2 cams connected to base, NO PROBLEM, WORKED
In clear Fauto Emulator (FE) share emulator decryption like the card inserted on base
No need to prog fresh KEYS.BIN in each cam, just use KEYS.BIN under Fausto Emulator (=FE)
NOTA: Two cam tested with different & same firmware on it

Accruate Speed:
-If NO DCW keys avalaible in KEYS.BIN untick option Fixed CW under Fausto Emulator.
-Update CAIDS.XML/CARDS.XML (can be found under dailly Fausto Keys update)
On cam folder CONFIG\CAIDS delete all files
Copy file CAIDS.XML & CARDS.XML on it
On cam settings, set AUTO PMT = OFF
To force changes reboot cam
Don't forget SECA1 require auto pmt = ON or will not work

-Not possible no EMM receive

Problems found:
1.Sometimes cam not boot correctly under emulator you'll receive strange datas
Reboot cam until ECMs appear correctly in ECMs windows.
2.If AUTO PMT set to ON and you go under TPS AUTO CHANEL TPS_DECR.BIN will be receive by the air & ecms stopped to send to base
To prevent this problem set AUTO PMT to OFF under TPS chanels