Fausto Cards Support


MV Core Team
Require phoenix card progger (freq 3.58 mhz)
9 pin serial cable connected from card progger to pc
Will work like a card reader (2 on base unit + card progger = 3 cards can be used at same time)
Work with Fausto emulator,it mean card decoding will work after FE connected (tab "Monitor")
Will work with all cams connected on local network, like FE

How to:
1.Switch card progger into phoenix mode 3.58 mhz (tested cas3 & infinity usb phoenix)
2.Introduce official card on card progger
3.Under fausto Clic on tab "Monitor"
4.Press "Connect" button
5.Clic on Tab "Cards"
6.Select com port where connected phoenix card progger
7.Press "Connect" button
If card supported by fausto card infos will be showed
Now card will be used too for decoding Ecms
If you insert a new same kind card when FE running press button "Card Reset" on tab "Cards"
NOTA: possible to establish connection with card first, then run FE & vice versa

Datas Showed on tab Cards:
Com Port = Port used with phoenix card progger
Connect/Disconnect = connect: Card ecm decryption used with FE. Disconnect: stop to use card ecm decryption
Card Reset = used when you change card with same coding system (example actual irdeto card replaced by another irdeto card)
Clear Datas = clean datas: CW,SID,Provid,CAID,CARD,ECM
Card infos = Informations about card inserted
CW Decrypted= Control Word decrypted sent to cam by FE (can be showed under tracker too if option active on monitor)
SID,ProvId,CAID,ECM = information about current chanel (can be showed under tracker too if option active on monitor)
Card Type = card type inserted (can be showed under tracker too if option active on monitor)
Status Bar Message = Information about ecm decryption

Local Popup Menu:
- Log Traffic:
if menu option ticked Log start (untick menu option=stop log at any moment)
Log can start at any moment
Example if card infos must not shared, activate log traffic just after card connection (=Card infos stay private)
- Save Log:
If log traffic active, Clic on it & save datas logged on file (default file name = Card Log.txt)
- Clear Log:
Clear all datas logged since connection establish
Example if card infos must not shared, after connection clic on clear log you'll keep only ecms log infos on log file
- Save Debug Log:
It trace the card initialization, will be used for finding error
If no error found debug log equal log traffic
If debug log empty problem with card atr, atr not detected
If atr found but error on card init, debug log store latest instruction executed correctly

Log file datas:
Header file= Fausto Signature
Card Type = Type of card inserted
ATR = ATR of the card
"FE->Card" = Instruction sent to card
"Card->FE" = Response from card
"TO Cam" = Final CW Decrypted sent to cam (same CW showed on tab "Cards")

Direct Control Word:
Easy for all user to get DCW Key when chanel on Constant Control Word (=only 1 ecm incoming for provid concerned when switch on chanel)
Just Copy CW on tab Cards
Enter key value on provider concerned (Services folder -> SID + Fixed COntrol Word)
Paste the key on Fixed Control Word
Now value can be used directly by Emulators (FE/Cam emulator) & shared with all users

No EMM receive from base can't be autoupdate

Card Supported:
Seca 1/2
Viaccess 1/2
Irdeto 1/2