DreamSet V. 2.13

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  1. Eumel

    Eumel MV Core Team

    14/01/2007 - ver 2.12
    Fixed: Creating settings from KingOfSat pages
    Fixed: Copy/Paste

    02/01/2007 - ver 2.11
    Fixed: Loading Services Neutrino.
    Fixed: Drag&Drop a service to a list.
    Fixed: Limit up to 120-E/W for satellite positions.
    Fixed: The new added transpoder did not showed to the list.
    Fixed: Dreamset recognize Subservices as Markers.

    28/11/2006 - ver 2.10
    Fixed: Markers (DM 7025)
    Fixed: Check configuration (DM 7025)
    Added: Parental Control - blacklist (DM 7025)
    Added: Properties Dialog is resizable
    Added: Satellite filter in Import/Compare dialog
    Update: Minor visual changes
    Fixed: Other minor bugs

    15/09/2006 - ver 2.00 - Final
    Fixed: For new 7025 firmware, restarting enigma (killall command) cause empty
    list of services (lamedb).
    Fixed: Services flagged as New did not showed correctly.
    Fixed: Other minor bugs.
    Added: New import/compare dialog.
    Added: Create settings from KingOfSat pages, press 'New Settings' button.
    Update: Display service names in full unicode (Multilingual) form, this applied
    to list view controls only, not in tooltips or status bar.
    Added: 'Edit Settings' page, added popup menus (right click) for services
    and transponders. Available options are:
    For Services:
    Add Service,Duplicate Service,Delete Service,
    View Channel On TV,Remove Service from All User Lists,
    Remove Service from All Bouquets,Copy,Paste,Select All,
    Set Service(s) Attribute,Service Properties,Set Service(s) Provider
    For transponder:
    Add Transponder,Delete Transponder,Transponder Properties
    Added: 'Edit Setting' page, Key Ctrl+1 sets service provider as 'Net n' where
    n is the network id, Key Ctrl+2 sets service name with values of Freq, Pol,
    Symbol rate and fec.
    Added: Enigma2 (7025) Support for DVBS2,Cable and Terrestrial.
    Added: Copy/Paste one or more lists/services from one settings to another.
    Powerful copy/paste operations, when pasting Dreamset will
    add services which are missing. You can combine services/lists
    from various settings available in net like vhannibal, likra etc
    in order to make your own settings.
    When paste at services panels, dreamset will paste all services are
    available in clipboard.
    When paste at lists panels, if clipboard contains lists then these lists
    will added, if clipboard contains only services then a list will added
    named 'clipboard' with available clipboard services.
    Added: 'Select All' option in popup menus to select all lists or services.
    Added: The popup menu for services now contains in 'Set Service(s)Attribute'
    sub menu all the available flags which supported for service according
    to setting format. Also the option 'Clear Pids' is available.
    Added: New properties dialog for Services/Transponders/Satellites/Lists.
    Added: You can enable/disable tv screen message when DreamSet reads/writes settings
    Added: Dreambox IP may contain up to 128 characters in order to let users write
    address other than numeric IPs like dyndns hosts.
    Update: Internal Dreamset structures for better conversion between supported formats.

    Added: Neutrino Plus images:
    - Added -Diseqc port configuration for satellites
    Dreamset applies your configuration automatically when you transfer/write
    your setings to box.
    - Added - Tv screen messages when DreamSet reads/writes settings
    - Added - Pids
    - Fix - Convertion from other formats
    SAVE: Changed the logic which DreamSet saves settings to disk, when press 'Save'
    Dreamset saves settings in their loaded format and not in the active confguration
    format as was in prior versions. If you want to save settings in a different
    format choose 'Save As' and select output type from 'File type' in Save dialog.

    TRANSFER: When you transfer settings, Dreamset auto converts loaded settings
    to active's configuration format, that means if your active configuration is
    'Neutrino' and you have load Enigma settings Dreamset will convert them
    temporary to 'Neutrino' format before transfer them to box.

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