Cuberevo-Ipbox 9000 + Vizyon 8000HD - WebTV Plugin 0.2.3

'DGS cuberevo/ABCOM ipbox 9000hd'



This add-on allows you to watch the tv stream from the cuberevo over an web interface (similar to enigma's web-x-tv).

Copy var/bin form the archive to /var/bin on the box.
Copy /var/www from the archive to the webif folder on your box (for example /var/www on NLB).

Make sure all script files and binarys are executable!

Surf to http://boxip/webtv/

It works on Firefox, Internet Explorer 7 has some problems with the vlc plugin (at least for me, try your luck.)
Javascript is required.

Above the video frame you have the basic controls to switch the channels.
The addon loads all channels in your favourites list.

- pictures is not deinterlaced (future release)
- because of a network bug on the cuberevo, the network of the box probably will die after some time.
the bug is known to DGS and hopefully will be fixed in future releases.

all files are under the GPL.

The server side code for the streaming is based on the streamts app.
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