Cool TV Guide V2.0.11

Cool TV Guide V2.0.11 by Coolman

Cool TV Guide V2.0.10 by Coolman

green = all stations now run
light blue = channel is selected
blue = all channels
red = recording


2 page vertical
8 page down
4 left side
6 page right

also switchen and zapping channels with no EPG! (Adjustable)

Pad with stitch as usual

Reset to 5
Full reset to 0

1 Zoom in
3 Zoom out
7 switching between 7-8 and 14-16-line display (adjustable)
Switch 9 to 20 clock
< Day -
> Day +
yellow = Bouquet (adjustable)
red = Zap (adjustable)
long red = Zap + Exit
green = timer
longgreen = broadcast automatically to the autotimer
blue = EPG Search function (adjustable)
OK = info channel (adjustable)
shortEPG / Info = Cool Single Guide
longEPG / Info = SingleEPG
HELP = Display all commands
Menu = Setup

I also made notes for Skinner, so you can install it easily

at setup:

You can now show your own buttons ...
since there never was an agreement Click here to enlarge

the amount of your picons be adjusted automatically!

and you can even change the left distances and also the number of your picons to see the set you want!
also set Picon on and off!

Initial view can be set between 7-8 and 14-16 line display ...

who has bouquets will be happy just with the setup ...
set is the bouquet display at startup On / Off
but I think it is more practical to put his bouquet on a button ...
since the plugin anyway remembers the position and the bouquet ...

standard Picon searchpath:

extra searchpath:

so you can take extra picons maybe for the info bar and Cool TV Guide Click here to enlarge

super cool is the EPG Search function ...
Missed .. or already started?
no problem .. Just press the blue button and you see directly where a repeat run!
or you go to Info:
even there you will find this EPG Search function ...

enjoy it!


copy the ipk to the TMP and how to install all plugins ...

Attention at the request of many users:
Cool TV Guide is not in the plugin folder!
not listed under extensions ...
it is called, in which you the info / EPG button presses long ...

but would encourage anyone to install the multi Quickbutton plugin ...
thus you can then e.g. Cool TV Guide with the e.g. Red Buttom directly call